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article-Sudeep-BhargavaStarting a business can be an exciting endeavour: You get to build something from scratch, turn your vision into a reality, and find purpose and passion.

Though entrepreneurship can be a unique and rewarding path, there is one aspect of running a business that can be tough to manage and not-so glamorous — the process of accounting and keeping your books straight.

That’s why Sudeep Bhargava created On-Board Accounting & Management, which offers accounting solutions and a wide range of services for small business owners and individuals alike. Based in Calgary, On-Board Accounting & Management offers accounting, bookkeeping, tax services and more to support small business owners — all to make their finances and record-keeping, well, a little less taxing.

BMO and Your Financial Life sat down with Sudeep to pick his brain about what drives his business. Here’s what he had to say…

On motivation

Every small business owner is on a unique journey, bringing their vision to life.

What keeps each one going day-to-day, through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, is motivation. Motivation can come in many different forms, and Sudeep gets his dose of motivation from serving his clients.

“My motivation comes from when my clients tell me, `Thank you for doing such a wonderful job,'” he says. “I really get huge satisfaction from that.”

On feeling successful

Success can mean something different to everyone. Throughout Sudeep’s business journey, he’s felt successful hearing positive feedback from his clients — every thank you from a client drives him forward.

It’s that kind of customer acknowledgement that makes entrepreneurship so rewarding and worthwhile.

sudeep-b-quoteAdvice for other business owners

Sudeep’s biggest piece of advice for aspiring small business owners is to believe in yourself. “When you want to start any business, it’s important to believe in yourself, your product and your services,” he explains.

If you do take the small business route, you may experience a roller coaster of emotions and have to put in long hours, but being confident in yourself and what you do can help you ride the storm and come out strong.

On BMO supporting his business

Sudeep’s business is all about crunching numbers and helping others with their finances, but that doesn’t mean Sudeep goes it alone when it comes to his own business finances.

He uses BMO to support his small business. Sudeep says, “My account manager at BMO is very familiar with my practice and what I do, and he does provide multiple solutions for my company.”

At BMO, we’re committed to helping small business owners turn their dreams into reality. Will you be next?

Check out On-Board Accounting & Management online or at Suite 202, 2750 – 22nd Street NE Calgary, Alberta, T2E 7L9.

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