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Ideas that are easy, fun and thrifty.

Kids’ imaginations are as boundless as their energy. The challenge for most parents is keeping up with both.

Check out these 7 craft ideas to keep your kids engaged, learning and having fun:

  1. Reuse paper plates: They’re not just for eating. Paper plates can become an array of amazing art projects, like tropical fish, sunflowers and flying disks. Check out some of these other neat ways to turn plates into playthings.

  2. Turn old toys into works of art: Collect all those stray LEGO®* and other small toys, buy a simple wood picture frame from the dollar store and glue the pieces to it for an instant customized frame.

  3. Bead cereal necklaces: Get some string and some Cheerios®† or other cereal with a hole in it, and let kids “bead” the cereal to make necklaces that look good enough to eat.

  4. Create a nature painting: Go for a walk and have your kids take a little container or bucket along to collect cool things they find, like leaves, sticks and rocks. When you get home, they can arrange and glue or tape their treasures on a plain piece of paper to make a beautiful picture.

  5. Turn paper bags into puppets: Start with the paper bags folded flat, and colour, paint or glue on decorations to turn them into little characters. Then, open them up and have your kids put on a puppet show.

  6. Build shoebox furniture: Take old, empty shoeboxes and have your kids paint, colour or decorate the outside. Use old rags or washcloths, cotton balls, and other soft scraps to decorate the inside and turn them into little houses or beds for their toys or stuffed animals.

  7. Design custom sneakers: Buy an inexpensive pair of plain canvas sneakers and some fabric paint or markers and let kids get creative with their footwear. This is just one of many kids crafts ideas you can read more about on Martha Stewart’s Crafts for Kids.

Want more inexpensive craft ideas? Check out these sites for more ways to get crafty in the coming seasons:

  • Pinterest lets you search specifically for dollar store craft projects
  • iVillage has some great winter and holiday craft ideas the kids are sure to love
  • All Kids Network offers a winter wonderland of fun craft ideas


®* Trademark of the LEGO Group
®† Registered trademark of General Mills, Inc.


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