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photo of Joanne DeRubisIf you’re thinking of starting a business, you want to find the sweet spot where your passion and purpose intersect. For Joanne DeRubeis, a Registered Nurse, she was able to turn her passion and purpose as a health care professional into a thriving business that helps older adults in the community. Not only is she able to be her own boss, but she’s able to make a difference in her clients’ quality of living.

Through Gold Cross Home Care in Hamilton, Ontario, she provides individualized and personalized in-home care to seniors and people with disabilities, which includes personal care assistance, household management, and reactivation.

With a commitment to “care for those you care about,” her company ensures that loved ones are treated with dignity, respect, and personalized service. It’s this high quality service and compassionate care that sets her business apart.

BMO and Your Financial Life sat down with Joanne to pick her brain about what drives her business. Here’s what she had to say…

Advice for other business owners

derubeis-quoteWhile the idea of being your own boss may seem glamorous, it can also be a huge undertaking with a lot of lessons learned along the way.

Joanne’s advice for other aspiring small business owners? “Do as much research as possible,” she explains, “network as much as possible, and talk to as many professionals as possible.”

On feeling successful

Starting a business requires long hours and hard work that can often be accompanied by major highs and lows. But being able to successfully turn your ideas into action and fulfill your purpose can make all of the challenging days worth it.

Joanne was pleasantly surprised at the success of her business after reviewing her year-end statements. It wasn’t just being financially profitable that made her feel successful though, but the acknowledgement of her work in the community.

“We received awards and acknowledgements that showed me that we really did achieve great things in our community,” she says. For example, for the past several years Gold Cross Home Care has been awarded Platinum in the Hamilton Spectator’s Reader’s Choice Awards.

How BMO supports her business

If you’re thinking of starting your own business, it’s crucial to have a support system in place. You want to have a group of people you can bounce ideas off of and connect with when you have questions.

Joanne admits that having this support has helped her business soar. “I have several mentors; however, my investment advisor has been a wonderful mentor to me,” she says, adding that it’s all about having the right encouragement and support.

“He’s always been open to so many of my ideas. Some of them that have worked, some of them have not worked, but he’s never put me down and he’s always embraced my ideas.”

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