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YFL-George-K-imageA few years ago, a building in Port Hope was emblazoned with two words: “Top Secret.”The message kept the community buzzing, wondering what was coming. The big secret turned out to be what is now one of the top burger joints in all of Port Hope — Olympus Burger.

All Olympus Burgers — 12 in total — have Greek-themed monikers, each representing a different Greek God. The owner, George Kallonakis, opened Olympus Burger to continue his parents’ legacy and to help deliver mouth-watering burgers to the masses.

BMO and Your Financial Life sat down with George to pick his brain about what drives his business. Here’s what he had to say…

On starting a business

George grew up in the restaurant industry, working alongside his parents. He saw firsthand what it takes to run a restaurant. Ultimately, George wanted to continue the family tradition, but he wanted to do it by branching out on his own with Olympus Burger in Port Hope. “For me, growing up in the restaurant industry, it was just natural to continue that kind of goal and that kind of a mission,” he says. So far, the response has been a hit, with Olympus Burger becoming a local favourite in the food scene.

How BMO supports his business

According to George, BMO has been there since the beginning to help him with all of his financial needs. Whenever George has financial questions or needs additional advice, he turns to BMO for help.

“I was able to sit down with some of the branch managers and [they helped] point me in the right direction,” he says.

George utilizes BMO Online Banking and pre-authorized payments to help his business run smoothly and keep his financial affairs in order.

Advice for others looking to start a business

Starting and owning your own business is not for someone who wants to clock out at five and go home. As any business owner knows, starting a business is a full-time commitment that can require a lot of love and hard work.

What advice would George give to others looking to start a business? “You have to have passion and be ready to put in the long hours for it,” he says.
George-k-quoteOn feeling successful

After eight months in business, George got a surprising call from TripAdvisor®*, notifying him that his restaurant was ranked one of the top burger restaurants in Ontario. Currently, Olympus Burger is ranked the number one restaurant in Port Hope, with excited fans claiming it’s their “all-time favourite burger.”

On where he wants his business to go

Ultimately, George wants to build more than just a restaurant. His vision is a destination for culinary-minded travellers, where people from all over the province and beyond come to get their burger fix.

As a small business owner, George is making Olympus Burger a go-to stop in Port Hope with his unique and flavourful menu — and at BMO we’re honoured to support his dream and vision to bring tasty delights to the community.

Want to try the food of the gods yourself? You can find Olympus Burger at 55 Mill St. South, Port Hope, ON, L1A 2S7. Before you go, check out their delicious offerings and take a peek at their secret menu.

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®* Registered trademark of TripAdvisor LLC

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